Regarding the supply of Tears of Solomon
최고관리자 2023-10-20

Hello, this is prettybusy.

We are seeing various opinions regarding the supply of Tears of Solomon.

We judged that there aren't enough Tears of Solomon

like you do, and promised that we will increase the supply.

However, the update on the supply is on the 25th, and the update yesterday was to fix the crashes. However, 

some of the changes in shop prices were applied and we caused confusion regarding the supply of Tears of Solomon.

We apologize for the confusion.

Through the update on the 25th, you will be able to supply Tears of Solomon much more easily than now through battles, shops, and events.


Once again apologizing for the confusion, we will write our notices in more detail as to lessen confusion in the future.

We are continuing to listen to your opinions.

Thank you always.