October 25th Update List
최고관리자 2023-10-18


October 25th Update List


a4767f2a4507ab979d003f83eb963d29_1697628347_6501.png Due to progression of server work, stability has greatly increased.

The numerous crashes in the game has been greatly improved on [iPhone 12 Mini], and we've added the

function to adjust the number of frames in the settings for a smoother experience.

Now, you can play on a device that does not require high specification.

a4767f2a4507ab979d003f83eb963d29_1697628347_6501.png We confirmed that it is difficult to achieve the Mission Pass.

We agree that there are missions on Mission Pass that are actually difficult to achieve,

and several difficult missions will be fixed to be easier.

a4767f2a4507ab979d003f83eb963d29_1697628347_6501.png We fixed the bug where you couldn't use the Action Power x100 that you received from the Attendance Board.

a4767f2a4507ab979d003f83eb963d29_1697628347_6501.png We fixed the errors regarding stage 2-72 on AOS.

Now, you can clear the 2-72 stage normally.

a4767f2a4507ab979d003f83eb963d29_1697628347_6501.png We confirmed your opinions of the package composition and price. As a gamer, we agree that the item composition is

inefficient. We deleted the expensive and inefficient items within the packages at the shop, and added cheaper items with higher discount rates.

We modified the composition, price, and count of inefficient items in the Exchange houses at the shop.

a4767f2a4507ab979d003f83eb963d29_1697628347_6501.png The Halloween Event Story will begin. 


You will be able to obtain items that were difficult to get, and enjoy a surprising Halloween story.

There will be a pity system in the limited character summoning for this Halloween Event.

Now, you can enjoy a more efficient summoning with PickUp summoning and special gacha through a pity system.

a4767f2a4507ab979d003f83eb963d29_1697628347_6501.png Gusion's awkward posture will be edited.


To be updated within October

a4767f2a4507ab979d003f83eb963d29_1697628347_6501.png We agree that repeated battles in the Dark Sanctuary halves the joy of the game.

Now, if you clear the Dark Sanctuary with Perfect, the function to clear the stage using a clear function with a single click will be added.

a4767f2a4507ab979d003f83eb963d29_1697628347_6501.png We are planning to add a <Stage Clear Ticket> item for a smoother experience.

We are carefully reviewing the usage limits and pricing, and we will apply it in the update during October.

a4767f2a4507ab979d003f83eb963d29_1697628347_6501.png We changed it so that when you summon a devil, you can skip the lines for devils you have already obtained.

We are constantly listening to your feedback.

We will continue to develop in order to make a more enjoyable Hell.

Thank you always.

Halloween is coming.