Google update announcement
최고관리자 2023-10-31


<10/31 12:30 pm (KST), the new version of the update has been censored and suspended

from google due to a report on profanity,

and will be re-examined after editing some texts and illustrations.

We did our best to respond quickly, but this only happened two hours ago

and we need to wait for the evaluation results a little longer.

We expect that it will take about one day. We will open our update contents quickly, as soon as it is solved.

We apologize to everyone who waited for the new versions of the L cards.

- For Apple App Store, the app will open with the new L card

and update contents applied to it at 3 pm without any problems.

- For Google Play Store, the game can be played on the previous version after the maintenance.

But for the version with the new L card applied to it,

you'll be able to download the update after waiting for a while.

Thank you for waiting.>